Saturday, July 28, 2007

I had another interview, with a different company, for a different Management Trainee position this past Thursday. Really it was more of a half hour presentation followed by a 5 minute one-on-one interview. It went really well, I go in for interview #2 on Wednesday. Actually, what I'm doing is riding along with one of their reps and then interviewing again back at the office. If I am going to get a job offer for this company, that is when it will take place. I am pretty optimistic about this one. It is allegedly an industry that is absolutely booming.

Also, this blog will be covered next week over at JibberJobber in the Blogs section, so I am looking forward to that. Jason Alba (Award Winner), the CEO there, has informed me that he is not a fan of blogs as a job search device, but that's cool with me, because I'm getting exposure regardless. I hope that the people who wander over here from there will contribute some comments, suggestions and/or Diggs. I'd really love some feedback.

Feel free to offer me a lucrative job as well. hehe.

I only started blogging when this blog began 9 days ago. In fact, I've hardly read any other blogs. So I fully realize that this isn't necessarily the prettiest blog around. I also struggle at time to come up with material that will keep readers interested, I'm always looking for ideas. I do, however, have plans for a post tomorrow...

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